Our Father’s Love

The Wisdom of the saints about the Mercy of God.


  • “Our sins are nothing but a grain of sand alongside the great mountain of the mercy of God.” (St. John Vianney)
  • “…the knowledge that You have put no limit to the number of times that we should forgive makes us hope that You will treat us in the same manner; and since it is so we believe in Your love for us.” (St. Louise de Marillac)
  • “Assuredly nothing can so humble us before the compassion of God as the abundance of his mercies; nothing so humble us before his justice as the abundance of our misdeeds.” (St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church)
  • “For when the Lord forgave all sins, He made an exception of none.” (St. Ambrose, Doctor of the Church)
  • “He loves sinners and is full of compassion… He never refuses forgiveness. He will pardon an unlimited number of times and will continue to love you despite any sin you commit. ‘Does not a father love a sick child with special affection and greater care and solicitude?’… The mercy of God is inexhaustible!
  • “God is such an inexhaustible wellspring of boundless mercy and natural goodness that never was there a devoted mother who as willingly stretched out her hand to her own child that she had carried under her heart, seeing it in a raging fire, as God does to the penitent, even if it were possible that he had the sins of all men himself and committed them a thousand times every day.” (Bl. Henry Suso)
  • “The manifold mercy of God came to the assistance of fallen men in such a way that the hope of eternal life might be recovered not only by the grace of baptism, but also by the remedy of penance, that those who have violated the gifts of regeneration, condemning themselves by their own judgment, might attain to the remission of their sins; the help of divine goodness having been so ordered that the indulgence of God cannot be obtained except by the supplications of the priests. For ‘the Mediator of God and of men, the man Christ Jesus [1 Tim. 2:5]’ has entrusted this power to the leaders of the Church, that they might both grant the action of penance to those confessing, and admit the same [persons] cleansed by salutary satisfaction to the communion of the sacraments through the gate of reconciliation.” (Pope St. Leo The Great, Doctor of the Church, 459 A.D.)
  • “In Christ there are two proofs of the gentleness of his nature. He patiently awaits the return of the sinner and he gently receives the penitent. This twofold mercy abounds in the heart of the Lord Jesus – his long-suffering in waiting for the sinner and his readiness in granting pardon.” (St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church)


Celebrating today the feast of the Divine Mercy!!!




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